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Jenny Hansen

I collect “scraps” religiously. This component of my creative process invokes a naïve but necessary survivalist instinct throughout the monotony and minutiae of ordinary life. I view each article I inevitably come to possess as a relic or an artifact- a transitional object to which I attribute a sense of abandonment, loss, and discovery. The soul embedded within the object itself conveys both a personal history and a private language. My work traverses an ever-changing, psychological landscape, which continually retreats toward both the anxiety and security of objects and childhood. I am interested in the primary impressions of childhood as they attempt to form both originary and hallucinatory networks of meaning within my adult perceptions and experiences.

There is an on-going interplay between my adult proclivity to refine and stabilize the diffuse and abstracted nature of my early impressions through the language of drawing and collage. Autobiographical renderings are faintly declared, redrawn, erased, pasted-over, and scratched off. Narratives, purposefully ambiguous in their longing to juxtapose genuine naiveté and impulsive immaturity, emotional dependence and emotional impotence, self-absorption and self-reflection, enable an exploration of the visually evasive, distorted contradictions of my own fragmented, plural self. The figures are present and an echo at the very same time; like the promise of a beautiful human being that, in the end is never fully realized, and at the last moment slips away completely.  

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